Effective Product Presentation with Computer Animation CASE 5

Client E is a manufacturer of electric appliances offering a large number of products equipped with innovative technologies. Due to the extremely complex nature these features, their sales reps had difficulties in effectively presenting their innovations to customers, especially to audiences without a technical background. As a result, they had failed to turn meetings with customers into sales. Client E needed to come up with an approach to enable its employees including those in their overseas offices to effectively communicate to their customers the strengths of their innovations.

Client Electric Appliance Manufacturer
Clients Products Industrial Products
Product Market Global
Sales Method Sales Visits
Sales Tools Product Catalogs, Technical Documents

Akagane’s Solution: Use Technical Video in Presenting Complex Innovations



Key Benefits

– Significantly improved the proficiency of the client’s sales representatives in the overseas offices.
– Uploading videos introducing their innovative products to their website resulted in an increase in queries from potential customers.

Production Process Flow, Know-How & Tech Solutions

Data Analysis through Stakeholder Interviews

Businesswoman is explaining terms and conditions in agreement to

Through stakeholder interviews and data collection, Akagane acquires a good understanding of a client’s objectives and requirements and conducts data analysis for the above objectives and requirements. Based on such analysis, we propose the optimal presentation approach and tool which meets the client’s objectives, budget and delivery time.



Akagane creates a storyboard to effectively communicate the comprehensive “story” of your innovative product. Akagane’s Computer Animation & Video Production Team specialized in the manufacturing industry will propose the best storyboard approach while leveraging their broad range of techniques and experiences in working with clients.

Videography/CG Production


Akagane can convert your product data in 3D CAD format into a computer animated video. Such conversion will provide you with not only an effective depiction of your innovation, but also results in potential improvements in the man hours required in the project’s production and delivery lead-time.

Service:Technical Video Production

Akagane’s Achievements in 2015

Videos Produced 50 videos
Industries Air Conditioning, Agricultural Machinery, Construction Machinery, Industrial Components, and Factory Automation
Target Regions Japan, China, Korea, and multiple countries in Southeast Asia
Uses Sales Support, Employee Training, Product Exhibition, Store Display and Promotion

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