About Us

Our Philosophy: What We Aim For

As the business environment becomes increasingly globalized, we at Akagane strive to be a globally prominent company, providing services tailored to the various needs of global companies across the world.

We also strive to proactively conduct business which makes positive differences in society so as to enable our employees to gain a sense of pride and contribution in being a part of our company.

Under our mid-term goal of being a “Global Company Which the Employees Feel Proud of”, we aim to continuously improve our company and our employees to better serve society.

People Concept: What We Expect

At Akagane, we expect our company and each employee to:

  1. Maximize their full potential to create valuable contributions to our clients as well as society;
  2. Build relationships based on mutual trust through continuously supporting each other; and
  3. Collectively work hard, grow further and share the excitement and joy of success while individually fulfilling responsibilities.

Family Concept

Our employees are important members of the Akagane family. We endeavor to provide a work environment and opportunities that ensure the happiness of our employees and their families as well.

Company Trips
Akagane sponsors company trips once a year to show appreciation for our employees’ hard work as well as to promote internal communication and camaraderie. All employees from Japan as well as our overseas offices may participate in one of the trips based on their schedules and preferences, and build new relationships and strengthen links among different offices. The average rate of employee participation is 80%. In 2015, we organized trips to Bali, Hokkaido and Kinosaki Hot Springs.

Company Cafeteria:
The cafeteria at the Osaka Head Office offers home- style cooked meals daily during lunchtime.  Healthy and quality ingredients are used, such as canola oil, as we give full consideration to the health of our employees.

Plus more:
We also organize various company parties and events such as a rooftop beer-garden & barbecue during summer, an end-of-year rice-pounding party, lotteries to share the gifts from the company credit card mileage points, a New-Year’s First Calligraphy event and a houseboat dinner party.

Our Business: What We Do


We aim to passionately support our clients who strive to achieve their goals in the global business scene.


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For more details on Akagane’s business activities, please refer to the Services page.
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Our Appeal: Why AKAGANE

Merit-Based Evaluation System

At Akagane, we value individual performances rather than seniority by length of employment.  In fact, we are a very young company with three of our current senior executives being in their 40’s.

Nurturing Environment

We appreciate individuality and diversity among our employees. Employees are assigned to a job in which their abilities are fully maximized and guided through their career development to attain their professional goals.  Akagane is committed to provide a work environment which nutures their potential and desire to grow further.

Other Benefits & Welfare Program

Profit-Based Bonus Plan => 37% of Profit!
Assistance Payment for Meals => 250 yen per meal at the Osaka Head Office, and 500 yen per meal at other offices in Japan;
Guaranteed Reinstatement to Job after maternity leave (5 successful cases in the past);
Certification acquisition support;
100% Reimbursement for job-related book purchases;
e-Learning opportunities;
Meal assistance for overtime;
Comprehensive health check; and
Flu shots

Work-Life Balance

At Akagane, we encourage our policy of “No Overtime”.  We understand there are situations in which overtime is needed; however, we strongly value the importance of work-life balance.  Overtime after 10 pm is prohibited.  We also offer a flexible work schedule system.

Opportunity to Work Overseas

For those who desire to work at one of our overseas offices, we offer such opportunities.  Upon such a request by an employee, Akagane will work together with the individual employee to evaluate opportunities and prepare him or her to achieve such goal.

Career Development

Each employee is evaluated based on his or her performance and certifications acquired. The certifications required for each job position are clearly defined. We also encourage each employee to submit new certifications for approval and addition to the program.

Samples of Required Certifications per Position are as follows:
Directors –   Editing-related Certifications;
Translators – Trados Certification
All Levels – Staff are encouraged to improve language and IT skills

In the past, employees with performance in the top 30 percentile have been granted promotion on average every 2 to 3 years. Annual salary range of the management level: 7 million yen to 9 million yen for managers and 8 million yen to 10 million yen or more for executives.

Human Resources: Our Ideal Team Members

At Akagane, we welcome individuals with:

A positive attitude about him or her;
Desire to increase own values and those of peers;
Sensitivity to others and the surrounding environment;
Creativity to produce new ideas from watching the world with curiosity; and
Skills and ability to effectively plan for jobs/projects and appreciate well-organized plans for successful implementation