• 09 – Byoungku

Production Management Byoungku

Job Type Production Management
Division Production Division
Workplace Osaka
Hometown Korea
Date joined Akagane 2008/04/01

My work at Akagane

I take pride in the production management division of the production department, as it is the command center of Akagane’s production. By precisely evaluating our clients’ needs, we produce process design documents, fully seeking to deliver at a fast speed, low cost and of high quality. This is the team that ensures that projects can be executed to the best possible standards for our clients, by connecting each team of the production department, our overseas offices (Akagane China and Akagane Thailand), and partners, based on the process design documents.

Recently, due to technological advances, the living environment and the business mindset are changing greatly. The conventional idea that creating a good product would lead to definite sales simply no longer holds sway anymore. It can be said that how much we are able to anticipate the needs of our clients and guide them will determine the fate of the company. Instead of passively working on assigned tasks, we need the right attitude and steps to pro-actively respond to our clients’ needs. These are essential elements of our work. What are our clients looking for? What are their problems? By analyzing these questions, we direct Akagane’s production.

Job satisfaction

I think the moment that I feel satisfaction the most is when there is success, which is a result of me giving it my all till the very end. A few years ago, there was prevailing belief that a successful bid for Company M’s project would be impossible, as we could not compete on price with the existing agency. In that situation, from extensive analysis and research on the client’s needs and providing a proposal that reduced the client’s work to nearly zero, the outcome was a brilliant success! Thanks to the cooperation of each team, we were able to lead the project to a successful conclusion. I will never forget the emotion I felt at that moment. The sense of reward from challenging myself and the indescribable feelings ‑ these are what give me satisfaction in my job, and I want to do my best so that I can experience these every day. On this point, I wish to apply Akagane’s motto of “Keep on learning, keep on going.”

A word for those who are considering working at Akagane

It has been 8 years since I joined Akagane. For this length of time, I am considered as being in middle management. I have been regarded just like any other Japanese, to the extent that I sometimes forget that I am from another country (laughs). Though I was worried about whether I could communicate with others particularly at the time of joining Akagane, assisted by my co-workers’ warmth, kindness and support, I have been working here without any concerns. I have now assumed the position of team leader and have significant responsibilities. At Akagane, there is none of the communication and work relationship problems that those from other countries, like me, are anxious about. I would say that being able to work in the same office environment with Japanese is the biggest benefit. I think that Akagane is a fantastic company that practices equality, and this is where we can demonstrate our individual abilities and be valued.

A typical day for me at Akagane

Time News
9:00 Check progress sheet (production and printing)
10:00 Based on progress sheet, hold a meeting
11:00 Meeting with printing companies of each office
14:00 Meeting with partners
17:00 Review process design document
19:00 Leave work