• 06 – Hiroyuki

System Engineer Hiroyuki

Job Type Systems Engineer
Division Systems Engineering Division
Workplace Osaka
Hometown Osaka Prefecture
Date joined Akagane 2014/06/02

Why I decided to join Akagane

There are 3 main reasons. First of all, I could see that at Akagane I could achieve my career goals. Secondly, there was an opportunity to be involved in the development of a new web service. Thirdly, there were people whom I thought I would like to work together with. First, let me talk about my career plans. During my interview, I was able to share my career plans in detail. I could see that my career prospects, of course together with hard work, were promising. I remember that I had in-depth conversations during my 2 interviews, with each lasting 2 hours.

Next, the opportunity to be involved in a new web service. Before joining Akagane, I had been working as a programmer/systems engineer. Having worked on several projects dealing with core business applications, I had gained experience in the development of web services that had been around for over 10 years. At that time, I came across a job advertisement by Akagane explaining that they were developing a new service, and were looking to hire someone as they looked to the future. It piqued my curiosity and I remember that I immediately went to search for Akagane on the internet.

Lastly, the people I would like to work with. This was an important factor for me. My interview with the department head felt more like a chat than an interview, and I was fortunate to have such a conversation for over 2 hours. On hindsight, I think that this encounter was all it took for me to decide I wanted to work at Akagane.

What I like most about working at Akagane

Our company trip! (laughs) As I enjoy traveling, I cannot help but look forward to our annual company trip. As well as the rooftop beer garden sessions and barbecues during the cherry blossom season. I get to meet people from many other departments. For my work, I have contact only with a limited number of people in Akagane. However, at these company events, I naturally get to interact with people from other departments and I get to learn about many new things.

In terms of what can be experienced when someone joins the company, Akagane has a very open culture of sharing internal information. In my previous job, matters such as sales and profit figures were not transparent, and there were times when I could not gauge the state of the company. Basically, as Akagane has an open culture, we can find out about company information without going out of the way to ask for it. I think that this positive quality of openness is evident in all parts of Akagane.

A word for those who are considering a career change

Although Akagane has a history of 50 years, it is a company with the ability to try new things. The project that I am currently involved in can be described as a corporate venture to create a new service. Working on a new project based on Akagane’s strengths and achievements really motivates me. In addition, rather than wait for instructions, everyone looks out for what needs to be done and takes initiative. If this way of working strikes a chord, we welcome you to visit us.

Supervisor’s message

Since joining Akagane, I have also never been told to do something by someone. I have always thought about what is needed, and would act accordingly. In retrospect, I think I had a string of failures. However, when you fail, you can understand what was wrong and can see what you should do the next time. My stance is that even if you do not succeed, it is still all right as long as the outcome is the result of an action that you had thought out and planned.

However, in terms of the actual result, I require a high level of quality output and speed from my team, and some have commented that it is tough. On the other hand, I hear comments about being motivated at work, because essentially there is autonomy and freedom on how to work. I wonder what is actually on their mind (laughs).