• 03 – Junpei

Production Management Junpei

Job Type Production Management
Division Production Management Section
Workplace Osaka
Hometown Fukuoka Prefecture
Date joined Akagane 2014/09/01

Why I decided to join Akagane

From the very beginning, I have always aspired to work in a field related to advertising or publishing, and in my previous job, I was working at an advertising agency. I was primarily involved in publicity materials that were related to education. Yet, I had a strong feeling that I wanted to challenge myself in another industry where I could work with a wider variety of advertising and media. It was at that time that I got to know about Akagane. Even though Akagane is a printing company, Akagane deals with a variety of projects that do not seem to be what a printing company usually handles, such as translation, computer systems development, and video production. There are also many employees from other countries, and it has overseas offices. All of these things made me very interested in Akagane.

I had never been involved in translation, and could not imagine how Akagane could produce printed materials of several hundred pages to over a thousand pages. I thought that working at Akagane would provide me with an opportunity to further grow and develop my abilities.

During the actual interview, I got to learn about Akagane’s philosophy of constant change, the comprehensive employee benefits, improvements to facilities for staff well-being, and the company’s willingness to invest in staff training and development. I found myself drawn to all of these points. Moreover, in terms of wages, the criteria for promotion are transparent and overtime is paid. In terms of well-being, Akagane is commited to reducing the number of overtime hours; and there is a company cafeteria. All of these aspects were deciding factors for me in deciding to change my change jobs and join Akagane. Since then, even though I have to watch my weight thanks to the delicious meals in the staff cafeteria, I have more time to spend with my family, and I feel a sense of fulfillment every day.

What I like most about working at Akagane

There are 3 main aspects that I like about working at Akagane. Firstly, it is a global company. In particular, there are people from many different countries in the production department, and I am able to broaden my perspectives through work. Through the frequent communication with our offices in China and Thailand, I get a true sense that I am working on an international level. We communicate mainly in Japanese, and although there are communication difficulties at times, more importantly, I have come to realize that there are different ways of working, among other things, and it creates a very stimulating working environment.

Secondly, Akagane is fully supportive of staff training and personal development. Books and other materials related to work are paid for by the company. Online courses and seminars that are geared for work are also supported by the company.

Thirdly, as expressed in its philosophy, Akagane offers an environment that encourages positive change. More than just encourage, it is expected almost to the point if you do not try to effect change, you might not fit in very well. Further to my second point on the support for staff training and development, ideas for new projects or ways of working are given the attention they deserve. For matters that can be done in different and new ways, everyone is involved creating more and more change. Being in the production department (the end line of the company), work naturally comes flowing in to us. However, we cannot simply adopt this way of thinking. If we take the opposing view and do not seek to change, we might find ourselves without and work to do within the company. Although there is this sense of pressure, I find that it is the perfect environment to grow and take on new challenges.

A word for those who are considering a career change

I would recommend Akagane to those seeking personal development through a job change, or to those looking for a challenge in a different industry or field. As the way Akagane functions is probably quite unique compared to other companies, I think that there may be an initial period of struggle (I am still adapting myself) to make the most of one’s strengths. However, in terms of how we want to change and how we want to change things, if we take the initiative to move in the direction of the change we are seeking, Akagane is a place where the company’s environment itself will serve to push us forward. Furthermore, with regards to overtime and staff welfare that one will be concerned with at the time of a job change, I think that Akagane’s policy is definitely good. Although there is overtime, there is also an effort to reduce it, and we have overtime pay. As there is a staff cafeteria, you don’t need to pack or buy lunch. In addition, by providing flu shots, a flextime system, and paid leave where we can take pressure-free vacations as long as our work is taken care of etc., we have an environment where we can strive to do our best with peace of mind.

Supervisor’s comments

I assume that Junpei experienced a lot of anxiety in doing something new. In particular, this is even more so with a family. I am thankful that Junpei chose Akagane, given his situation, and I am happy that we can work together. Here at Akagane, I would like Junpei to be bold and try new things. Though there will be successes and failures, the act of following a solid process is more important. I look forward to Junpei being a force for change in the production department.