• 01 – Keisuke

Sales Keisuke

Job Type Sales
Division Sales Division CB Section
Workplace Osaka
Hometown Tochigi Prefecture
Date joined Akagane 2014/02/01

Why I decided to join Akagane

In my previous job, I was involved in lending operations at a financial institution. As I was from the Economics faculty in university, I had already decided on the financial industry when I was job hunting. Although the work of lending operations was rewarding, while I was working in finance, I started to feel that I wanted a job that had an international dimension, and gradually, it became more difficult to ignore my growing interest. The company that I was in had few international links. I thought that I would regret it if this continued, and decided to change my job.

After I started searching for a new job, a contact introduced Akagane to me. Looking at their website that said, “We’re small, but global!” I intuitively thought that the company matched my personality and participated in an information session with Akagane. Upon hearing stories, such as there were offices overseas and even without experience, one could be posted overseas depending on one’s effort, I applied for an interview. I went to the company for the interview and noticed how people there were working on projects involving various foreign languages, with Japanese staff working with desks side by side with the many employees from all around the world. I decided that this was the only place where I could fulfil what I wanted to do.

What I like most about working at Akagane

“Every day is global.” If I were to describe Akagane in one phrase, that would be it. Although the roles, from sales to editing and printing are different, each deals with foreign languages. In addition, in the company, we have many staff members from all over the globe, China, South Korea, Indonesia, the US, etc., , and the variety of languages spoken at lunch is something unique to Akagane. Furthermore, our clients are global! As I am involved in sales, there are many opportunities to communicate with clients, and all of them look to overseas markets for their business. Naturally, they have extensive knowledge of international affairs and it is a privilege for me to learn something new each time I communicate with them. It is truly a global company in terms of everything that is present all around me. This is what I like most about working at Akagane.

A few words for those who are considering a career change

If you are like me and are interested in doing work on an international level, I think that Akagane is a perfect match for you.

It is fine even if you are not good at foreign languages. All the international employees are fluent in Japanese, you can get to know about other countries as much as you wish, and it is very interesting being able to learn about the differences in comparison to Japan. Being a Chinese history buff who is into the Three Kingdoms, I am always being taught by my Chinese co-workers about different ways of thinking, so that I can understand the story more deeply. Akagane is also a company that is easy to move to from different industries. Though I am from finance, a completely different field, I receive support in doing my job from my co-workers every day.

Supervisor’s comments

The sales division’s CB section is directly related to one of Akagane’s core business concepts, “CB (Cross-Border) business.” With the strength of our network of international operations, we are developing sales activities that fulfil our clients’ marketing needs.

There are practically no fixed “formats” for the projects that we handle. From scheduling to meetings with a photographer, or jobs such as the layout of a proposal, these vary and so, it is important to think independently, initiate, and act.

Keisuke, with his ability to take action and his enthusiasm to learn, always works with a positive attitude. When dealing with clients and in cooperation with project teams, he demonstrates exceptional communication skills. I am looking forward to his growth as he further deepens his knowledge and experience in moving towards his goal of an overseas assignment.