• 04 – Koji

DTP Koji

Job Type DTP Management
Division Production Management Section
Workplace Osaka
Hometown Osaka Prefecture
Date joined Akagane 2014/04/01

Why I decided to join Akagane

“Though we do printing, it is only a part of our work and not our main work.” Hearing these words at my interview was the reason I joined Akagane. With a declining domestic printing industry particularly in recent years, if Akagane were to set a goal of trying something new, I thought that I could also set an ambitious goal for myself to achieve.

In my previous job, I was involved in the production of instruction manuals for mobile phones and smartphones. Even though I was reading volumes of specifications to produce manuscripts, and was even doing DTP and proofreading, it was basically a workflow that revolved around printing. During the generation of mobile phones, thick instruction manuals that probably no one read were common. However, as smartphones were introduced into the market, instruction manuals become more and more simplified. Only small booklets were printed and the trend was for the remaining information to be available in PDF documents or on the internet. I thought that if my work was based on a belief that print would continue as before, the future would be dim, and I decided to look for a new job. During my interview with Akagane, I raised these issues and decided that this would be the right place for me.

What I like most about working at Akagane

For good or for bad, there is little routine work. Though it is unavoidable that inefficiencies appear when there is little routine work, I ask myself how I can creatively address it. I always come back to and am guided by what our clients need. I am mindful of this principle as I work.

Although there are difficult aspects, when I complete a project well, I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I went all out for my client. In addition, in the course of work, as issues that I cannot resolve with my own abilities are bound to arise, whether I get to be taught by someone knowledgeable or research various things, I can learn something new every day. As I can apply the knowledge I gained from these experiences for the next project, whenever I face new obstacles, I can always overcome them and move ahead. This is also what I like about working at Akagane.

A word for those who are considering a career change

Though I think that this is not limited to Akagane, it is difficult to work only with the skills from one’s previous job. However, at Akagane, there are sufficient opportunities available to acquire additional skills, on top of what you already have. I look forward to working together on projects that are both challenging and fun.

Supervisor’s comments

At Akagane, we have various initiatives to improve the quality, delivery time, and cost of the products and services we offer, and Koji always plays a central role in this. In addition, DTP processing is done at Akagane China and Akagane Thailand, and by taking care of training and leading the overseas offices, and facilitating technical exchange between the 3 locations, Koji plays a role in improving our standards.