• 05 – Miki

Translation Coordination Miki

Job Type Translation & DTP Management
Division Production Division
Workplace Osaka
Hometown Kyoto Prefecture
Date joined Akagane 2010/12/01

Why I decided to join Akagane

In my previous job, I had been involved as a systems engineer and a programmer in various design and programming projects, for instance, for packaged software, mobile phone devices, and user interfaces of machines. When my child was born, I decided to discontinue my own business and find another job. Although I had submitted applications to several companies, it was difficult for me to get a job, as my child was still less than a year old, and the job of a systems engineer required much overtime.

At that point, I received an offer from Akagane through a career change website I had registered with, and was given an opportunity to submit an application as well as to have an interview. As I had not previously considered the printing industry, there was naturally some uneasiness with “DTP” as I had no clue of the requirements, but during the interview, I was informed in detail about what Akagane is like as a company. On hearing the president’s remark, “You can always start to learn something new, and we would now like to equip the production department with systems engineering knowledge,” and the company’s consideration of the young age of my child, I decided to join Akagane on a part-time basis.

What I like most about working at Akagane

I think that it is Akagane’s support for those eager for self-development and to try something new. When I joined Akagane, in the translation team that was handling various languages, the system mechanically reviewed the data submitted from translation companies, and there was only off-the-shelf software used also by other companies. Though there is a systems department at Akagane, I, being in the production division developed a new data review software independently. As a result, Akagane could differentiate itself from other companies, and this gave me confidence.

Even though I, myself, am not proficient in foreign languages, the fact that I was assigned to the department that handles translation, demonstrates that Akagane always assesses each person individually, without being bound by expectations from their previous job or experience. This is also something that I like about working at Akagane.

A word for those who are considering a career change

For those who are thinking of doing something different from before, I think that Akagane would be the perfect match. You can use the experience from your previous job and, at the same time, acquire new skills. All this is possible at Akagane. Although there are times when the work is repetitive as we handle many languages, many paragraphs, and many mediums, I invite you to join us as we think of more efficient methods, and I’m sure that we will have fun working together.

Supervisor’s comments

At the beginning, Miki was working part-time, but is now working full-time and since last year, she has been given the responsibility of managing the translation and DTP teams. As many of our clients have been expanding overseas and sell their products to overseas markets, we handle various languages at work. Naturally, there are many team members from different countries in our department, and managing projects in a multicultural environment is not always easy. Despite the challenging nature of her work, Miki organizes and manages well. Miki’s contribution in software development by using her experience as a systems engineer in her previous job has been impressive and nowadays, Akagane benefits from her management capabilities. I am grateful that even with her family commitments, Miki gives it her all at work and I look forward to her future contributions.