• 08 – Mircea

Editing Mircea

Job Type Editing
Division TC Editorial Section
Workplace Osaka
Hometown Romania
Date joined Akagane 2015/04/01

My work at Akagane

I am mainly involved in editing of operator’s manuals of machinery, but I am constantly learning new things all the time as I have just recently joined Akagane. My co-workers have extensive experience, giving them highly specialized knowledge of our work. In addition, when I ask them questions, they patiently explain things to me. As a result, at work, I have a lot of opportunities to develop my skills and I am motivated by my growth every day.

For my work, language skills are are essential, particularly working quickly and efficiently with languages. While there are relatively simple tasks like revising manuals in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and so on, I am also involved in developing new manuals in multiple languages so that they can be used by operators all over of the world. I also create instructions for how the manuals should be modified and sometimes I modify them myself. On these occasions, I am responsible for the process that includes adjusting illustrations, changing the layout, and reworking the paragraph structure, using software such as FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

Job satisfaction

I believe that gaining satisfaction from one’s career depends solely on that individual’s wishes and dreams. In my case, Akagane offered me exactly what I needed. First of all was the opportunity for self-improvement. To have a rewarding and contented life, different ways for personal development are needed. Working here at Akagane, I realize that I have so many opportunities for that. As a result of constant encouragement to develop my skills, in addition to using a variety of applications, I have also been able to develop my skills in time management, concentration, investigation, research, language, and above all, in maintaining the balance between speed and quality. Secondly, I think that I enjoy my job so much because of my co-workers. It is really fun working with my co-workers at Akagane. I am fortunate to work with such kind and interesting people, and I am glad to truly be a part of Akagane.

A word for those who are considering working at Akagane

Finding a job is never easy. When finding a workplace that suits you, your aspirations, knowledge, and following your intuition, are all important elements. When I joined Akagane, I felt that it was definitely the workplace for me. If you are like me and wish to keep on developing, expand your knowledge, acquire new skills by using your abilities, and are looking for an environment that challenges you to explore, I would highly recommend Akagane. Everyone who works here is very helpful, intelligent, and professional.

If you have the chance to come by our office in Sakai, please visit us. I wish you all the best for your job search!

A typical day for me at Akagane

Time News
9:00 Check e-mail and schedule
9:30 Prepare tasks, startup applications, begin editing
12:00 Lunch with co-workers in the staff cafeteria
12:45 Afternoon meeting led by the president, head of department, or group leader. The main agenda would be important reports and discussions of the day.
13:00 Continue work from the morning, or start working on a different project. If necessary, review work from the day before.
15:00 Coffee break
15:15 Continue tasks
18:30 Write a short daily report for information sharing with team members.
19:00 Leave work