• 02 – Momo

Editing Momo

Job Type Editing
Division TC Editorial Department
TC Editorial Section 2
Workplace Osaka
Hometown Aichi Prefecture
Date joined Akagane 2012/10/01

Why I decided to join Akagane

In my previous job, I was a designer and director in the field of advertising. At work, I would continue working till the last minute, deliberating on possible options, and it left me feeling frustrated. Perhaps this was caused by my own indecisiveness.

My change of job came about as a result of my moving to Osaka when I got married. The reason I joined Akagane was because, unlike my previous design projects, which were fluid and undefined, I could benefit from a job with precise goals and a clear vision of what is “finished” or “perfect”. Being involved in editing instruction manuals, I am excited each day working on process design that is directed towards a clear goal.

What I like most about working at Akagane

I am now able to go on vacation overseas a few times a year, something that I had never dreamed of in my previous job. (Of course I work really hard before and after each vacation.) Though it depends on the department that one is in, it is generally easy to take time off, and I have been making the most of Akagane’s flextime schedule. As far as we do not inconvenience our clients, we can work in a way that is best suited to our individual needs. This is what I like the most about working at Akagane.

A word for those who are considering a career change

Sales is a key aspect of Akagane’s editing team. Instead of just waiting for manuscripts from clients, we strive to produce manuscripts for them. As I am not too familiar with machinery, I am still struggling in this area. However, apart from knowledge of machinery, there are many other aspects that our clients value, such as our process design, and Akagane’s multilingual capabilities.

The editing team would be a perfect match for those who not only work well within an outcome-focused environment, but also think and act independently. I look forward to you joining us.

Supervisor’s comments

I have tasked Momo to be responsible for various models of agricultural machinery and I am grateful that she is taking a central role in our department.

In the TC Editorial Section 2, skills beyond just editing are required — for example, process design and planning based on an understanding of the production plans of products, knowledge of translation as we handle a lot of materials in languages other than Japanese, and communication skills to interact with clients and offices overseas, etc.

I imagine that there are many areas that Momo has to adjust to and become familiarized with, as the work is specialized, yet she understands the expectations of her role, and always works with a positive attitude.