• 11 – Nadezhda

Translation Coordination Nadezhda

Job Type Translation Coordinator
Division Production Division
Workplace Osaka
Hometown USA
Date joined Akagane 2014/04/01

My work at Akagane

I support clients with international operations to translate their printed and digital materials (catalogues, instruction manuals, publicity materials, websites, internal documents, labels, etc.). Though there are occasions when I do the translation myself, I mainly take care of arranging work for translators. Apart from Japanese and English, the languages we handle include European languages (there are times when I coordinate for the 26 official languages of the European Union at once!), Spanish and Portuguese for South America, and so on. It really varies. Although it is difficult creating a smooth workflow with accurate translations, being in such a huge “melting pot of languages,” I feel that this is the kind of work that can rarely be experienced somewhere else.

Job satisfaction

In the first place, as a self-professed “language nerd,” being able to experience various languages on a daily basis gives me utmost pleasure. In addition, I have a chance to learn about technology, which I was not familiar with before joining Akagane, and I feel even more excited whenever I make a new discovery. Above all, I am very proud of our amazing teamwork. I am really encouraged each time I can complete a project with the support of the people around me.

A word for those considering working at Akagane

There are many people who challenge themselves at Akagane. For those who are interested, we warmly invite you to come by. I wish you all the best.

A typical day for me at Akagane

Time News
8:00 Arrangements, check submissions, work on new translations,
review translations, printed translation check, coffee break, etc.
19:00 Leave work