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Employment Opportunities with Akagane

Eligibility Criteria

We are looking for persons with drive and enthusiasm to join our team and make Akagane the best it can be on the global stage.

 Job Type/Job Duties DTP Management (Koto-ku, Tokyo) DTP management of high-volume catalog production.

1) Draft checking, confirmation of production processes for each project

2) Instructions for in-house operators and outsourcing resources.


Experience working with DTP in a printing company, experience in project management, and work experience using InDesign (3 years or more).

Data Management Specialist

(Koto-ku, Tokyo)

1) Database creation and management for machining and tooling products to be used for catalog creation and website registration.

2) Process planning to solve client challenges.


Applicants should have a strong capability for logical thinking, Excel VBA, HTML, and image processing skills.


(Koto-ku, Tokyo)

New business development incorporate sales. Develop proposals throughmeetings with clients.


Experience in sales at a printing company or production company. Experience innew proposal sales ornew business developmentsales..

Applicants with the followingare preferred:

・Experience in multi-language coordination

・Experience in catalog production, etc.


(Koto-ku, Tokyo)

Direction in the creation of catalogs and manuals dealing with work machinery, equipment, or components primarily for the industrial B2B market. Progress management and structural development for catalog production. Meeting with clients, catalog/manual editing, progress management, and English writing.



Experience as translation coordinator or director at production company (especially experience in entire production management with data confirmation, process segmentation). Experience in multi-language coordination


(Sakai, Osaka)

1) Sales for data and printed materials for agricultural and operating machine manuals etc., parts lists, and instructional manuals.

2) Order reception, quotations, proofreading management, material delivery, invoicing, and product management.


Experience in corporate business sales (any industry experience welcome). However, sales experience in selling pre-completed products rather than finished products is preferred). Those who can deepen ties with clientele, are active, positive, and is able to build a strong rapport with clientele.

Parts List Editor

(Sakai, Osaka)

1) Editing of parts lists for engineers.

2) Outsourcing management, project management, specialized software operation.


Knowledge of or experience with motorcycle and automobile parts and assembly, three dimensional product drawing literacy, experience in mechanical design or 3D CAD.

System Engineer (Nishi-ku, Osaka or Koto-ku, Tokyo) 1) Requirement definition and base designing for projects from the systems sales team.

2) Management and collaboration with external development partners.

3) Content registration for web-based applications, including images and Excel data.


Experience as a systems engineer or those who have programming experience andwant to switch to become a system engineer in the future.

Translation Coordinator

(Nishi-ku, Osaka)

Making quotations and proposals for clients or sales teams. Coordinate of translation projects. Domestic and overseas translation outsourcing management, intake, new resource development and onboarding.


Experience as a translation coordinator.

Required Skills Applies to all job types Microsoft Excel – ability to do function-based operations, Microsoft Word
Workplaces Nishi-ku in Osaka City, Sakai City in Osaka Prefecture, Koto-ku in Tokyo Prefecture
Work Hours 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (monthly period flex time)
Benefits ・Annual opportunity for pay raise, bonus twice a year.
・Japanese social health insurance, full coverage of transportation costs.
・Overtime pay
・Maternity and child care leave
・Personal development assistance program (Akagane provides financial support for study and for receiving skill certifications)
Certification rewards (20,000 to 500,000 yen)
*For example, DTP Expert Qualification is 200,000 yen.
Annual certification reward amount was 10.18 million yen in 2015, and 10.75 million yen in FY 2016.
・Participation in seminars and training
・Company Trip (Paid for by the company)
*Examples of recent trips include: Hokkaido (Tomamu), Hong Kong, and Thailand (Pattaya) (2017).
Holidays & Leave 2 days off a week (Saturdays and Sundays) *Saturday may be a working day in weeks where there are holidays. Summer holidays (3 days). Beginning and end of year holidays (5 days).
Paid leave for marriage and bereavement (10~20 days)
*115 days off a year


Selection Process

(Please note that the selection process may vary slightly depending upon the circumstances)

STEP 1  Application Review

STEP 2 Personal interview with corporate management personnel
(Skype interviews possible) + Small written test – Opportunity for applicants to learn about Akagane’s company philosophy from corporate management.
*Screening Criteria
Personal Character
Serves as a chance to assess the possibility of a mutually beneficial relationship

STEP 3  Interview with Department Head
An interview for the applicant to learn about work duties in detail.

STEP 4  Notification of Results
The reasons for interviews with upper management from the beginning are as follows:
We believe that the futures of applicants are important and matter.
We believe that our human resources are the most important factor to the future of Akagane.