• 07- Xiaohong

Sales Director Xiaohong

Job Type Technical Sales
Division Project Planning Department
Workplace Tokyo
Hometown China
Date joined Akagane 2000/10/16

My work at Akagane

When I joined Akagane 15 years ago, I was publishing a Chinese newsletter called “Akagane News,” working closely with the president. We conducted sales activities, sending it to translation companies, production companies, and manufacturers all over Japan. Thanks to the support of Akagane China, we were able to deal with various companies from the north to south, Hokkaido to Okinawa, developing the foundation of our translation philosophy.

At that time, translation specializing in the Chinese language was our focus, and we acquired a good reputation characterized by high quality, low cost and fast delivery. As time went by, with our clients’ multilingual needs increasing, we gradually began handling other languages too, and as our team of in-house translators, DTP operators, and translation coordinators grew, we became independent from the sales division and restarted as the translation department.

The days of visiting clients’ locations, looking at actual products and listening to explanations were fun, and it was a good learning experience. Thanks to all of these, I have been able to experience many product areas that are now representative of Japan’s industrial sector, and have gained many valuable experiences. By making the most of these experiences to open the door to new possibilities, I moved to Akagane’s Tokyo branch in April 2015 and have been working closer with our clients. With this opportunity to be a driving force for Akagane’s global development, I wish to do my best even more.

Job satisfaction

We are privileged to be given challenging projects, from projects with a very tight deadline and those that other companies cannot handle due to content that is too specialized, and so on. While I do feel pressure from these, there is a great sense of satisfaction. There is no substitute for the sense of achievement and satisfaction after a successful delivery to a client. Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing words of, “Thank you very much!” from our clients. “I can have peace of mind with Akagane,” “Akagane has a wealth of knowledge about machines,” “We’re so glad you found and pointed out the mistakes we hadn’t noticed in the original text,” and so on; many words of appreciation are noted in the questionnaire that the translation department conducts after delivery. I always think that our value is to be of such help for our clients.

A few words for those who are considering a career change

I think following through with anything, once decided, is important. There are certainly things that cannot be done, even if one does one’s best, but nothing can be achieved without doing one’s best. What really matters is to try no matter what, with one’s utmost effort, so that you have no regrets.

During my university years, I grew to enjoy translation while assisting a professor’s translation of a book. For a while after coming to Japan, I was doing translation as a freelancer. One day, by chance, I saw a job offer by Akagane on the internet and applied for it. The interviewer was the company president. Back then, Akagane China had just been established. The drive of the president to resolutely expand the Chinese language translation business resonated with me, and I decided to join the company. However, at that time, I never imagined that the translation department would expand to the extent that it is now, and I now believe from my experience that if one goes all the way, a door will open.

A typical workday schedule

Time News
8:00 Check e-mail, review project progress
9:30 Respond to various inquiries
11:00 Assign translation work
12:45 Organize data
14:00 Meet with clients
16:00 Internal meeting
17:00 Review project progress
19:00 Leave work