• 10 – Yohanes

DTP Yohanes

Job Type DTP Management
Division Production Division
Workplace Osaka
Hometown Indonesia
Date joined Akagane 2012/07/01

My work at Akagane

My main job is to adjust DTP layouts of multiple languages. When a request for DTP work comes from other departments, I make arrangements so that the production can be done with the right person in the right place, considering factors such as the source and target languages of the translation, the software used, whether the operator in Akagane Japan or our overseas offices should handle it, and the completion schedule. Dealing with manuscript inquiries from operators and reviewing the completed products before delivery are part of my daily duties. As a DTP project manager, my projects cannot be managed well unless I have an in-depth understanding of the DTP workflow, in addition to the manuscripts and completed product. Sometimes, project manuscripts with a tight deadline requiring immediate attention are submitted in the evening. In such cases, teamwork and sharing of tasks are critical to completing the job well.

Job satisfaction

Working in the production department can be a little intense. This is because we face new challenges every day. In the production department, we are required to be mindful of many different points, from distributing tasks in an efficient way and dealing with tight delivery deadlines, to handling materials in languages that we have never seen before. You may feel a sense of pressure at the beginning. However, as we work with unique languages such as Sinhalese, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, and so on, your knowledge will expand. Your friends may be surprised to see you able to become a polyglot within a short period of time! In addition, you will pick up the ability to calmly manage projects even during busy periods. Naturally, you may feel stressed working in such an environment. However, once you learn the ropes, you will be able to handle most of the work competently.

A word for those considering working at Akagane

Though it is important to find a job that is suitable, for foreigners living in Japan, it is very difficult to find a company that warmly welcomes someone of another nationality with open arms. There are people from many different countries working at Akagane. Furthermore, dealing with overseas suppliers and clients is part of what we do every day. At a glance, Akagane’s building is small, but within it, its truly global environment is expanding. Please feel free to come by. And, if you are interested in Akagane, why not consider joining us?

A typical day for me at Akagane

Time News
9:00 Arrive at work, check e-mail and responses from business partners
10:00 Morning meeting, check schedule
10:30 Distribute work, plan or review schedule for each project
12:00 Lunch break, take a nap to refresh my mind
12:45 Back to work
14:00 Receive deliveries from partners and hand them to quality management
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Deliver completed products to the departments that requested them
17:00 Receive projects that need to be completed by the following day. Attend any meetings that arise.
18:00 Distribute work for projects with a tight deadline, re-adjust schedule
20:00 End of workday, leave work