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Challenges in Catalogs/
Technical Documents Production

Catalogs and manuals can be great tools
for sales, training, and many other areas…

However… maybe you have some of the following concerns?


Akagane’s Proven Track Record

Expertise in Content Creations

Backed by our over 50 years of experience in producing catalogs and technical documents, Akagane will fully support you in a broad range of content creation including design data and catalog/manual content.

Technical Writing


Thorough reading and analysis of your technical information including product concept proposals, design drawings or diagrams, and product database provides Akagane’s technical writers with a great understanding of your content creation requirements. Our technical writers often borrow actual products or visit the production facility to ensure thorough and accurate understanding of your products.

Types of Products Offered


We offer content production for product catalogs, user manuals, parts lists, maintenance documents, and more.

Industries We Specialize In


Akagane has a strong team of experts specialized in machinery/equipment, including agricultural equipment, construction equipment, housing, construction materials, industrial components, and more.

Supported Languages

We offer content creation and editorial services in Japanese, English, French, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Portuguese and Hindi.

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