Tech Solutions & Tool Development

Want to increase efficiency?
Want to eliminate human error?


Want to increase efficiency? Want to eliminate human error?

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Akagane has developed a series of tech solutions & tools for increased efficiency, optimized quality and streamlined processes for DTP including layout and design as well as for translation. Development and implementation of these tools have benefited many clients in their catalog and manual productions which require a large amount of data.

Worth Spending Money for Automation?

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Cost-Benefit Analysis

As the first step, Akagane conducts a cost-benefit analysis to measure potential benefits to be obtained by our clients, using costs including the following:
・Existing costs/man-hours per process;
・Automation implementation cost; and
・Operation costs of implemented automation solutions

Based on the analysis, a recommendation on an automation system/tool which best fits the client’s business and achieves most benefits is to be provided.

Identifying Which Process to Automate

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Figuring out which processes are suitable for automation requires certain knowledge and skills. Akagane’s tech experts have extensive experience in the automation of catalog and manual production to provide an end-to-end system implementation service, from current state analysis to system recommendation to implementation.

Small to Large Scale Solutions Development
/Implementations Catering to Clients’ Needs


Akagane offers tech solutions development and implementation ranging in size from a small-scale tool costing several tens of US dollars to a large-scale commercial-use systems.

In addition to developments in Japan, Akagane has partners in Vietnam to minimize the development cost for large scale projects.

Automating Web Catalog Production
Leveraging Production Data of Paper-Based Catalogs

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Recently there are increasing demands for web catalog production based on the data created for paper-based catalogs. However, it may not be feasible for every client, depending on how the data is organized and stored at each client’s site.

Akagane has extensive experience in integration of paper-based catalog data and web catalog data for clients. Utilizing its expertise accumulated through such experience, Akagane will design the optimal solution for your web catalog production.

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