Global Printing

Interested in printing locally in your target overseas markets for easy production and distribution? Maybe you’re wondering about these common concerns when it comes to printing overseas…


Akagane’s Unique Solution for High Quality
Assurance Around the Globe


Global Quality Assurance System for High Quality Printing Close to Local Markets

Akagane has a network of 8 printing production bases across Asia, which are closely inspected in terms of their printing quality and service. Orders may be placed from one country to Akagane in order to print and ship your final products to your target country.

Akagane’s quality assurance system ensures that all products printed by Akagane’s facilities (both owned by Akagane as well as our business partners) meet the quality standards set by Akagane’s Production Control Team.

Experts in Thin Paper Printing
Large-Quantity Page Bookbinding


Thin Paper Printing

Printing on thin paper is not easy. Akagane’s specialized facilities can handle extremely thin paper printing (up to as thin as 48g/m2), a perfect solution for printing catalogs and documents with a large number of pages that require extra thin paper.

Large Page Quantity Bookbinding


Bookbinding of a large quantity of pages is also a difficult task, therefore not too many vendors are equipped to handle this. Akagane’s facilities can bind very thick books, and we have an extensive experience in binding books thicker than 60mm (2.36 inches).

Logistics Service


Inventory Management and Shipping

Storing bulky printed materials requires a large storage space at the appropriate temperature and humidity. Akagane offers logistic services to store and manage printed inventory in China and Thailand. Upon receipt of a client’s customer order, Akagane also offers order management service by directly receiving and shipping to your customers on your behalf.

Overseas Transportation

Container Ship

Akagane’s expertise in global transportation of heavy and bulky printed products enables our clients to print in a country which maximizes the clients’ benefits in terms of production costs and to ship to countries where the clients’ markets are located.

Other Services