Offshore Data Production

Moving data production overseas for large projects would mean significant cost savings. However, you probably have the following doubts…


Akagane’s Proven Solutions for Overseas Production


With 16 years of experience in DTP using overseas production bases, Akagane strives to provide excellent service tailored to each client by using PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle as well as unique in-house tools. Akagane’s client-based approach equipped with its expertise and IT solutions, addresses client’s challenges/ concerns individually to produce a finished product which meets the clients’ requirements and expectation.



Proven Track Record of Clients’ Satisfaction

Throughout the 16 years since the launch of overseas production bases, Akagane has assisted a large group of clients in various industries. Akagane’s services, which are highly focused on clients’ needs and satisfactions, have received high accolades from our clients.

Settlement in Various Currencies


Many clients prefer to settle payment for services/products specific to a certain overseas market with the budget allocated for the local subsidiary. To meet such clients’ requirement, Akagane offers settlement options in 6 different currencies.


ISO27001 for Information Security Management

ISO27001 is an information security standard, published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission. Akagane, an ISO27001 certified organization, has a rigorous information security management system in place to achieve the optimal protection for clients’ information.



Language Services Interfacing Different Countries

A large group of experienced linguists for various languages is available at Akagane to assist clients in their communications with overseas subsidiaries, partners, and vendors over the course of the overseas production process. Akagane supports such clients’ needs in the following languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, French, Portuguese, Indonesian and Hindi.

Data Transmission


Transmission of a large volume of data requires a certain technological infrastructure, resulting in a potential delay in project start time. Akagane’s dedicated server linking overseas production bases by high-speed cable enables rapid transmissions of big data, therefore resulting in no delay in project timeline.



Competency Mapping System for Effective Staffing

Akagane adopts a competency mapping system to clearly grasp the expertise/skills of its staff members. This allows Akagane to perform optimal staffing, by matching the skills best matched to each project, and effectively preventing human error and ensuring efficiency. This system also serves as a career development tool for staff members, which enables each staff member to clearly benchmark their abilities against targets and helps him/her to continuously improve his/her skill sets.

ISO9001 for Quality Management


ISO9001 is a quality management system security standard, published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Akagane is certified with ISO9001 in Japan and China, and currently preparing to acquire certification in Thailand. In accordance with ISO9001, Akagane strives to continuously improve the quality by standardizing processes to eliminate human error and ensure efficiency.

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