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Product Content Management Systems (CMS) Our product content management systems can help bridge the paper and web divide as well as ensure smooth multilingual conversions.

Challenges in Converting Paper-Based Catalogs with
Large Quantity of Pages
into Web-Based and/or Multilingual Versions


As the internet use has become widely spread and companies have become more globalized, the need for product information in multiple languages and formats has risen sharply. This trend has caused various issues in converting information into different versions, especially for documents with many pages such as catalogs.

Akagane’s CMS Solution for Accelerated Conversion of
Large-Volume Catalogs into Multiple Versions


Pimlus, a content management system (CMS) developed by Akagane, enables clients to store a huge amount of data. This system can produce many different versions of catalogs (i.e. paper-based, web-based, foreign language versions) in parallel, therefore enabling all the versions to be published or released simultaneously.

As Pimlus eliminates additional tasks incidental to each conversion, our clients can rapidly deploy a new catalog in different languages and formats across the global market.

Streamlining Production Process of Multiple Editions


Consolidation of Tasks for Individual Editions

Pimlus allows a client to consolidate the tasks which have been separately performed for different catalog editions or versions: paper-based, web-based, foreign language editions. As a result, the client can produce all catalogs of different formats and language versions in just one concise project.

User Friendly
Pimlus can be accessed via an internet browser for various tasks such as production data entry and editing and does not require any installation or complex operation.

Embedded with Akagane’s Expertise for Large Volume Processing
Pimlus is equipped with automatic processing features for handling a large number of pages, designed with Akagane’s expertise.

Configured to Each Client’s Needs
Our IT Team, which developed Pimlus, will configure the system so as to perfectly fit to the requirements of each client, utilizing its inside-out knowledge of the system. In addition, it supports integration with clients’ existing database systems, automatic table compilation, and many more features.

Key Benefits

Sample Key Benefits Attained by Industrial Components Manufacturer
Project: General Product Catalog Production (1760 Pages)

Client Process Before After Change
In-House Work 6 FTE months 3 FTE months 50% Reduction
Amount of Production Personnel 3 FTEs 2 FTEs 35% Reduction
Overall Production
6.5 months 4.5 months 40% Reduction
Multilingual Version
6 months later 2 months later 67% Reduction
Web Lead-Time 1 year later
or not updated for web
with Paper Versions

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