Presenting Complex Mechanical Parts & Movements
with Computer Animation

The following situations can all benefit from the use of computer animation to create technical video:


Computer animation can be used to explain complex technical movements or mechanisms in a way that words cannot

Excellent for Meetings with Customers

Engineering in factory

When skill sets vary among sales reps, a computer animated video demonstration will equip your sales reps with a standardized sales tool, resulting in effective sales presentations even with reps that have limited experience or product knowledge.

Also Useful for Training Service Staff

making a speech

Computer animation can effectively depict movements which are virtually invisible to the unaided eye and explain their principles more clearly. Clear understanding of product functions can help technical service staff to be more confident, motivated and creative in product applications.

Specialized Video Production for Industrial Products


Experts in Industrial Products Available at Akagane

Descriptions of a mechanism, fluid dynamics, and electrical circuits require unique methods of expression appropriate to each field. Leveraging our extensive experience in technical video production, Akagane’s Computer Animation & Video Production Team will closely work with you to create a perfect description of your innovative product.

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