Translation for Catalogs & Manuals

Challenges in Large Volume Translations
for Product Catalogs & Manuals


Ever had an experience where a translation of product catalog or user manual having a large volume didn’t meet your expectations, in terms of the production lead-time, quality, or cost? It is because translation of a 10-page document and a 500-page catalog require a completely different approach in terms of knowledge and production.

For a large volume translation, it is critical to take the following into account to ensure the overall quality of the finished product:

  • Careful selection and securing of translators specialized in the particular subject matter or industry
  • Consistency in terminology used by different translators
  • Consistency in the layout of each page throughout the document
  • Localization to make the finished product suitable for the target market

Akagane’s Unique Solutions Leveraging
Expertise & Technology for Large Volume Translations

Solution 1: Local Production Teams


Production Bases in China and Thailand

For high-demand languages such as Chinese and Thai, Akagane’s local production teams handle translations and production for each language ensuring accurate conversion for these markets

World map Vector

Akagane’s Global Network of Translators
with Expertise in Local Markets & Industries

Akagane offers translation services in 21 languages by leveraging its global network of linguists in 20 production bases across 10 countries. To be qualified for each project, our linguists must pass a client-specific translation test. This is how Akagane assures high quality translations that meet our clients’ expectations.

Solution 2: Global Network of Language Experts


What if you had a local liaison who could directly communicate with your overseas subsidiaries on technical terms or localization details? A large number of language experts are available at Akagane to streamline clients’ processes by acting as a local liaison to directly work with their overseas subsidiaries/dealers on their behalf.

Solution 3: In-House Tools for Rigorous Quality Assurance

Developer working on source codes on computer at office.

Unique In-House Tools
When multiple linguists work on a large catalog project, there is always a potential risk of inconsistency in the translations such as different terms used by different linguists. Akagane has developed a series of tech solutions and tools to ensure high quality finished products by automatically enforcing consistent use of terminology, detecting mistranslations, and more.

Client Success Stories


Product Catalog
Industry Manufacturing (Electrical Components)
Challenges Produce high quality product catalogs for a large
number of products in multiple languages within
a limited lead-time
Outsource the end-to-end production including
content translation (Japanese into English and
Chinese) and document creation to a reliable
Products English and Chinese editions of product catalogs
500 pages each
Solutions Proposed a catalog design and production process
based on past experience in the mechanical and
the electronics manufacturing industries
Assured a high-quality and efficient translation
production by utilizing computer assisted
translation and in-house developed checking
“Despite the very short lead-time, Akagane
provided us with excellent service by sharing
its expertise in catalog production for
electrical manufacturers and also providing
high-quality catalogs in both terms of
translations and catalog layout design.”


Operator’s Manual
Industry Manufacturing (Electrical Machinery)
Challenges Need an effective and reliable business partner
to produce operator’s manuals
The requirements for the business partner include:
highly experienced in computer assisted translation
standards such as SDL Trados Studio;
accelerated production;
and high quality assurance for the end-to-end
process from translations through layout and design
Products Manuals in the English and Chinese versions
300 pages each
Solutions Reorganized the translation memory structure to ensure
translation quality in terms of consistency
Redesigned the production process entailing data
submission to proofreading to improve efficiency,
thus satisfying the client’s expectations
“Akagane greatly contributed to our operations
by significantly shortening production lead-time
as well as ensuring consistency in the terminology
used. Akagane and its local translation base also
played a key role as our liaison, directly interfacing
with our local subsidiary in China, resulting in a
smoother collaboration with our offices in China.”

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