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Michihiro Imanishi

Akagane Inc.

The word “akagane” means copper in Japanese. While it may not be as flashy as gold or silver, copper has been of use to humankind for longer than any other metal.

It is soft, conducts electricity, and is resistant to rust; properties that have long made it a favorite for making containers and cutting tools, and it can even be rolled thinly into foil. Copper is used to make electric wires, circuit boards, and coins as well.

At the Akagane Group, we strive to serve you by taking on the qualities of our namesake: flexible enough to adapt to a variety of uses, yet resilient enough to ensure that the things important to you never rust.

President's Profile

Graduated from the School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
Graduated from the School of Law, Osaka University
Employed at SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. until he later joined
Akagane Inc. (leading up to the present)
Became president of Akagane Inc.
Graduated with an MBA from Bond Business School, Bond University

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