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CASE – 01

Efficient Production of Large Volume Product Catalogs

Client A is a manufacturer of industrial components, offering more than 800 products. Due to the large number of products, a revision of its product catalogs is extremely labor-intensive and requires a great deal of time, therefore forcing its personnel to work overtime for an unreasonably long period of time to meet revision deadlines.

  • Industrial Component Manufacturer
  • General Product Catalog (Paper-based)
Total Products Listed
  • 800 Products
Total Pages in Catalog
  • 1100 pages



With Akagane’s help and expertise in large content production, Client A was able to overcome these challenges

Key Benefits


・Significant improvement in total efficiency and optimization of the entire process by splitting the production process into 3 separate sub-processes:
 1. those which benefit from industry expertise
 2. those which can be automated by software and tech solutions
 3. those which require manual work that can be done effectively overseas
・Streamlined the client’s work process by developing new tech solutions to reduce the number of tasks involved.

 Client Process Before After Result
Content Creation 2 FTE months 1.3 FTE months 35% Reduction
Proofreading & Editing 3 FTE months 2 FTE months 33% Reduction
Total Time Required 5 FTE months 3.3 FTE months 34% Reduction
Overall Lead-Time 5 months 3.5 months 30% Reduction

Production Process Flow, Know-How, and Tech Solutions


Data Analysis through Stakeholder Interviews

Through stakeholder interviews and data collection, Akagane acquires good a understanding of a client’s objectives and requirements, and conducts data analysis against the above objectives and requirements. Based on such analysis, our proposals include an optimal workflow which meets the client’s budget and delivery time.

Process Flow Planning

Akagane designs the end-to-end production process based on the client’s requirements. The process is usually split into the following 3 sub-processes based on the particular characteristics of the work involved:

  1. Processes that benefit from industry expertise
  2. Processes which can be automated by software and tech solutions
  3. Processes which require manual work that can be done effectively overseas

Processes Leveraging on Industry Expertise

large group of experts in construction machinery, air-conditioning equipment, construction, building materials, and industrial components are available at Akagane to advise a client based on their knowledge and experiences specific to the industry and the market.

Processes Using Automatic Processing

From extensive experience in working with different clients, Akagane’s System Development Team has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and skills in the product catalog production area. Capitalizing on its expertise, Akagane developed a series of computer systems, software, tools, and other tech solutions to automate clients’ processes.

Processes Using Manual Processing

In cases where tasks may not be processed automatically, Akagane’s production bases in China and Thailand perform manual processing of large volume data. The optimal location is selected for each project.

Akagane’s Achievements in 2015

Catalogs Produced 800 catalogs
Pages Produced 280,000 pages
Project Average Number of Pages 350 pages (Max: 3,000 pages)
Average Lead-Time 2.5 months

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