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CASE – 04

Order Printing & Shipping from Overseas

Client D, a manufacturer of industrial components, wanted to have product catalogs to be printed in Japan. However, due to the high printing costs in Japan as well as the transportation costs and time from Japan to Thailand, they had no choice but search for a reliable business partner who has an established presence in the Thai market.

  • Industrial Components Manufacturer
  • General Product Catalog (Paper)
Total pages
  • 800 pages
Total copies
  • 5000 catalogs
Ordered from
  • Japan
Delivered to
  • Thailand

Key Challenges

Akagane’s Solution Leveraging Global Logistics Network


Key Benefits


– Reduced the transportation costs and time significantly while ensuring the high quality by using Akagane’s partner company for printing
– Also increased operational efficiency by eliminating the need for warehousing and shipping at the client’s site.

Client Process Printing in Japan Printing in Thai  Change
Transportation Lead-Time 14 days by sea 1 day by ground 93% Reduction
Transportation Cost Several 100K Yen
(several thousand USD)
Several 10K Yen
(several hundred USD)
90% Reduction
Differences in Quality No Issue No Issue No Change
Warehousing Location Japan Thailand

Production & Logistics Solutions

Data Analysis through Stakeholder Interviews

Through stakeholder interviews and data collection, Akagane obtains a good understanding of a client’s objectives and requirements as well as key business information such as catalog specifications and ship-to locations. Based on the analyses of such information, we make a proposal including the optimal production facility which meets all elements of the QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) model.

Offshore Printing & Bookbinding

Akagane ensures that the production facilities owned by Akagane as well as its partner companies produce high quality products which exceed the quality standard established by Akagane’s Quality Assurance Team by conducting thorough quality inspections. The products and services rendered by our own facility in China and also our partner facilities in South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia have received high recognition from clients around the world.

Third Party Logistics Service for Warehousing & Shipping

Many of our clients’ overseas subsidiaries do not have warehousing available for local sales material storage. Akagane offers third party logistics service in East Asia and South Asia regions by storing and managing the inventory, and shipping the products per order for the specified quantity and to the designated location.

Akagane’s Proven Track Record of Third Party Logistics Services

Effectively utilizing our expertise, logistics know-how, and experience specific to each overseas market, Akagane’s 3PL services strive to assist our clients in further increasing competitiveness by focusing on its core competency while improving its operations costs and level of service.

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