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CASE – 06

One-Stop Trade Show Exhibition Services in China

Client F, a manufacturer of industrial parts and components, understood the significance of presenting their products in an upcoming exhibition in China. However, due to lack of presence in China, they were unable to make the proper preparations to ensure a successful exhibition, and encountered one problem after another over the course of the project. As a result, the company needed to quickly find a reliable vendor to outsource their exhibition project.

  • Industrial Components Manufacturer
Exhibition Location
  • Shanghai, China
Exhibition Scale
  • Approx. 50,000 Visitors
  • 3 Days
Booth Size
  • 108m2 (1162.5 ft2)

Key Challenges

Having never outsourced this type of project in China, they were not familiar with reliable local vendors and extremely concerned about potential issues in terms of quality, responsiveness, and professionalism.

Differences in expectations and cultural barriers would result in many unexpected problems.

A need for an effective business partner to whom the end-to-end project from planning to customer follow-up calls can be outsourced.

Akagane’s Support Process for Successful Exhibition to Lead Generation


Key Benefits


– Outsourcing the end-to-end process for the Shanghai exhibition project enabled the client to remotely utilize Akagane’s expertise and know-how to set up a successful exhibition booth without any trouble while having no physical presence in China.
– The client also outsourced Akagane’s local staff with strong experience in the industry in China to conduct follow-up calls with those who visited the booth to generate and refine leads in pipeline. This benefited the client significantly in terms of process streamlining.

Client Process Before After Change
Preparation 2 FTE months 0.7 FTE months 65% Reduction
Vendors Needed 5 Vendors 1 Vendor 80% Reduction
Amount of Issues Many Issues No Issues 100% Reduction

Production Process Flow, Know-How & Tech Solutions

Data Analysis through Stakeholder Interviews

Through stakeholder interviews and data collection, Akagane obtains a good understanding of a client’s project details such as objectives, requirements, exhibition materials, budget, design concepts, and more.

Planning & Quotation

Based on the above analysis, Akagane will make a proposal consisting of media, scale, and staffing plans.

Exhibition Booth Design

A booth design created by 3D rendering is provided for the client’s review and approval. This serves as a model to provide the client with a visual image as well as to ensure that the finished booth has been constructed in accordance with the client’s specification.

Booth Construction

The construction of a client’s booth by a Chinese vendor will be closely managed and also inspected on a regular basis from start to finish to ensure that the booth is constructed in accordance with the client’s specifications.

Production of Promotional Items

From brochures, to novelty goods and presentational videos, Akagane will handle the entire production process directly with local vendors.

Akagane’s Achievements in 2015

Total Exhibitions 10 exhibitions
Locations Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Shenyang
Industries Industrial Components, Construction Machinery, and Factory Automation

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