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CASE – 07

Mechanical Component Product Info Registration for E-Commerce

Client G began selling mechanical components on their EC site.

However, registering new product information was far from efficient, consisting of manual input of information from catalogs and constant setbacks from complicated technical product information. Convinced there had to be a smarter way, they contacted Akagane.

  • Major E-Commerce Site
Product Type
  • Mechanical components
Number of Products
  • 25,000
Original Data Format
  • PDF Catalog

Solutions with Akagane’s industry expertise and large volume data processing experience!


Before After Result
Lead Time 6 weeks 3 weeks 50% Reduction
Cost (Confidential) (Confidential) 35%Reduction

Client G, who wanted to sell new products but could not do so efficiently due to the costs associated with registration. As a result, they had accumulated many products awaiting registration, further delaying release and sales. After working with Akagane, they no longer have this problem and are able to continue product registration in a timely and cost effective manner.
We at Akagane are committed to continuously studying and finding new ways of improving efficiency, shortening lead times, and reducing costs.

Production Process


Verification of Required Registration Formats through Stakeholder Interviews

Akagane will analyze the catalogs containing the target products for sale and gather information about the required format of the data needed for product registration.

Process Planning

Akagane will design an optimal production process for taking the original product data (whether it is from paper catalogs, PDF catalogs, or web), organizing and converting it into the final format required for product registration, while leveraging the following:

In-house software solutions and tech tools for improved efficiency
Staff with industry expertise
…and much more at Akagane, where we are a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Processes Leveraging on Industry Expertise

A large group of experts in construction machinery, air-conditioning equipment, construction, building materials, and industrial components are available at Akagane to aid in work requiring a technical expertise.

Our experts will analyze catalog specifications and other information to create the necessary part number and spec combinations required for product registration.

Registration Data Processing

By using Akagane’s uniquely developed software solutions and tech tools for large scale product data processing, timely and efficient registration is made possible.
Akagane can also efficiently process product information from paper and PDF catalogs.

Akagane’s Achievements in 2016

Akagane’s Expertise in Large Volume Data Processing Allows us to Handle the Job!

E-Commerce Sites 5
Products Registered Approx. 700,000
Product Categories Mechanical components, electronic components, MRO, tools, construction materials, etc.
Original Data Formats Paper catalogs, PDF catalogs, and websites

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